We focus on deep learning and innovation of computer vision technology, and provide leading visual technology platform for artificial intelligence solutions!

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Beijing Zeusee Technology Co., Ltd. is an artificial intelligence company, which focuses on deep learning and computer vision technology innovation, and provides a leading visual technology platform. We have top-ranking research and development team and deep learning algorithm, which allows you to add leading, deep learning-based image analysis recognition technologies into your applications, with simple and powerful SDKs.

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We have the leading technology of detection, location and identification, which supports distributed deep learning and high concurrency. We provides optimized deployment model for partners, which greatly improves the speed of model training and reduces the cost of deployment.


We focus on computer vision and deep learning, and have the leading technology and rich research and development experience in the field of object detection and recognition. We provide license plate recognition, face recognition, security monitoring and other applications, and technical support of multiple products for customers.


We provide service with high concurrent and high availability assurance, and also provide stable and accurate service in enterprise level, with millisecond recognition response ability, flexible and high concurrent capacity.


We use deep learning technology, accurate algorithm model and rich experience for business products to achieve high accuracy. We provide various forms of services and fully adaptable to various application scenarios.


Face Recognition
Face Landmark
License Plate Recognition
Vehicle Type Recognition
Live Detection
Image Enhancement

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